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In 2010 the company of non-metallic mineral project market achievement strikings

2010 in foreign economic recovery is slow, the domestic structural adjustment under the influence,domestic and foreign non-metallic mineral ultrafine processing market downturn, most domestic non-metallic mineral processing equipment company outstanding achievement glides, I adhere to the company of market segmentation, grasp the high-end customers, not to engage in price competition in business philosophy, by virtue of advanced design concepts and professional the design team has won domestic and foreign customers of all ages.

In March our company successful signing a Chongqing mining company with an annual output of 80000 tons of GCC superfine processing project, usingФ 3M above a large ball mill and 500 series of largerotor classifier, as well as multiple classifier series parallel combination of advanced new technology, this is by far the GCC superfine processing of the single production line maximum designcapacity, is the first time the independent research and development of large rotor classifier used for industrialized production. The production line process design and equipment level and the current international advanced production line of its kind to keep pace, I marked in non metallic mineral processing technology and equipment of large-scale, precise and intelligent is an important step.

In April, Malaysia calcium carbonate manufacturer AMMAN company with my company more than a yearof negotiations, and on many domestic and foreign equipment inspection comparison, the final and I signed a $2600000 project design and equipment procurement contract, by the end of December, all goodshave arrived at the shore.

In June, the domestic famous ultrafine barite powder manufacturers - Guizhou limited company voted heavily in new company MQW120 large jet mill, used in the production of electronic ink level (D50:0.8um ) ultrafine barium sulfate, the company said in 2001 the introduction of the German company Alpine large jet mill, is China 's earliest introduction of large airflow grinding technology enterprises, due to the adoption of advanced technology, the production of products with narrow particle size distribution, particle shape, renowned in the industry. My company jet mill by actualapplication contrast, its performance fully meet foreign counterparts level.