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Employees actively to hit a sacrifice of love

In May 12th Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan news broadcast, Zhang Jingjie of company general manager to cancel European itinerary, immediate initiative staff donation to help the disaster victims.

After the disaster, a total for the first time to the Sichuan customers and our company in Sichuan and engineering and technical personnel to greetings, fortunately I build the Sichuan Baoxing powderlimited company, Sichuan asbestos Jufeng powder limited company, Sichuan Guangyuan Stone PowderCompany Limited, Chongqing composite material limited company and installing debugging in theChongqing Jin-art silicon material development company limited in the disaster affected. General Zhangcalled on the company in Sichuan and engineering and technical personnel to work, ensure that all theconstruction project amount to produce amount to mark, for disaster area construction to contribute an own strength.

Wenchuan earthquake destroyed thousands of amplification in people's homes, also shook thehundreds of millions of human souls, Zhang Jingjie general manager at night, compose three songs, tolet the dead calm, let the living strong.

Poetry: Essays on the great Wenchuan earthquake

Life is full of desire and the trouble of mediocrity,

The fate of the tribulations of interpretation and detached indifferent,

Peace time perhaps mutually indifferent,

Jeopardy hour but share sb.'s joys and sorrows,

Comrades, cheer up!

Learning enjoyable work, don't worry about personal gains and losses!

Verse two: Essays on the " soft actual strength "

Snow disaster, earthquake, Olympic Games, Tibet riot ... ... , 2008 country to great rejoicing.

Why the Olympic boycott, distorted? Due to different value orientation and cultural ideas, lack of communication and understanding.

Why Chinese don support, understand? Due to historical and cultural and ideological convergence,easily resonate.

Why the world of earthquake and snowstorms sympathy? Is the most common universal values and the most basic humanitarian.

Why the East and the West on the disaster concerns different? Is the different ideology and concept of human rights.

From the perspective of a state of a nation is such,

From the angle of enterprises experience a team with a staff of what's not to like?!

Soft power is a kind of understanding and recognition!

Understanding is a kind of cohesion!

Cohesion is the essence of corporate culture!

The essence of the end-result is employee happiness and well-being of the staff!

Verse three: Essays on the " patriotism "

The torch relay protection, on the western public opinion not public protest, boycott of Carrefourdamp ... ...

An overseas Chinese said: the strong, proud of their motherland, they used no status, now they arerespected.

A great man said: patriotism is contained in the human heart a simple sentiment.

" Patriotism " outpouring of casual and natural;

" Patriotism " expression of spontaneous and irresistible;

The game, we have who don't want the Chinese team win?

Luckily, you don't want to do it better? - - - - just as the " men at their birth, are good in nature ", a heart up, need constant care and explore!