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time:2013-04-09 12:49

Herbs, medicine, plant fibre ceramic smash dedicated machines
Operating Principle:
MZ series Chinese herbal medicine crusher is such a device as uses strong vibration of vibration medias to make feed materials crushed into micro-powder or cell wall broken in a short time under
the condition of fluidized materials in the crushing cavity being hit, cut pulverized and rubbed heavily by grinding rods. At the same time, this kind of crusher can be used as accurate mixer or jacket-like modification vehicles. During adjusting the intensity of vibration, we can control products' fineness conveniently and perform dry or wet crushing. According to GMP, this machine can be dismantled or installed freely. It is suitable for changing materials operation. Under the condition of normal atmospheric temperature, water-cooling, low or super-low temperature preventing oxidization and explosion, the temperature in crushing cavity can be lowered to crush heat-sensitive materials easily. It has wide applications in herbal medicine, food, health-care, cosmetics and so on. It is a kind of crusher with simple craft flow, high efficiency and appropriate price.
Features :
★Suitable for tough, spongy, fibrous, high oil-bearing rate and high sugar-containing materials which are difficult to be crushed by general crusher. Also suitable for hard or brittle materials.
★Can crush plants' spores' cell wall. Crushing rate can reach 95%.
★Suitable for dry or wet crushing, accurate mixing or jacketed modified operation.
★Medium- diameter of products can reach micron.
★Easily to be dismantled and washed.  Suitable for changing  materials.
★Sealed-air processing condition, no dusts spillage and no pollution.
★The crushing cavity is equipped with cooing- water axle sleeve to adjust water' s temperature and flow rate in order to control temperature in crushing cavity. Also equipped with strong refrigeration system to crush materials under the condition of -30 cent degrees to 0 cent degrees
★To crush in inert gas condition to avoid explosion and oxidation.
★Reasonable design, adjustable amplitude of vibration, easy to operate by setting operating time.
★Convenient maintenance and low cost of operation.

Function of medicine cell fine pulverizing
Raise the utilization ratio of biology 
Any pulverizing can pulverize certain quantity medicine cell, however, coarse pulverizing has a low pulverizing rate of cell. If particle size is bigger than cell diameter, the pulverizing rate will be lower. After cell wall broken, the inside content of cell can contact with dissolving media directly. People can absorb efficient elements. The common pulverized cell and drinks cell are complete.
The particle is composed of several or more cells. Efficient parts in cells need pass through several or more cells to be dissolved by media and absorbed by people.
But many cell elements cannot pass through cell wall to be dissolved by media, which only become wasteful. So relaxing quantities and sped of efficient parts in cells and types of efficient parts are more complete than common method. The effecting time becomes shorter and the function of medicine becomes bigger.
Balancing function of compound pulverizing
Most of Chinese herbal medicine is compound, which is composed of various medicine materials. After cell wall pulverized, oil and water go outside and make the particle surface semi-wet. Particles form balls (micron powder). Each ball contains the same herbal medicines proportion. The ball physical structure differentiates according to HLB (water-contacting or oil-contacting), spreading, broking, water or oil content. This kind of structure makes efficient parts of medicine equal, strengthening medicine function.
Increase industrial extracting rate of efficient parts.
Because of high cell wall broking rate and the reduction of dissolving resistance,

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