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Production process: feed powder into high-speed mixer or continuous coating machine, mix and then dry by heating ( water content should be less than 0.3% ); after adding modifier by sprying or dropping, the coating would be done by mixing the material and modifier; then coated powder would enter classifier and the big particles caused by agglomeration would be separated out.
    The type of modifier and its dosage depend on specific powder, powder fineness (or specific surface area ) and application of final product. Take kaolin for instance: the dosage for the production of powder from 45micron to 20micron is usually 0.3% - 0.5%, for powder from 20micron to 5micron 0.5% - 0.8% and for powder from 5micron to 2micron 0.8% - 1.0%.
    The tempreture and time of coating are adjustable. 
    To heat powder and add modifier under the high-speed mixing can not only make the powder heated uniformly and improve the coating effect, but also reduce the dosage of modifier and coating cost.
    The match between coating machine and classifier can remove big particles due to agglomeration during the coating, improve the product quality and insure the product performance.
The wear protection of the inside of equipment would lengthen their service life and prevent powder product from contamination.

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