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Impact Mill
time:2013-04-09 12:29

Operating Principle:
The inside of the mill is composed of active plate and state plate. The active plate is equipped with gear stick, hammer razor blades and so on. Materials are lashed, rubbed and sheared between active plate and state plate rotating with a high speed. Products in accordance with size requirements go into cyclone separator or dedusting filter during grading wheels (or combs), while coarse grains go back to milling cavity to be crushed continuously.
Performances and features:
@Suitable for medium-hard and low-hard materials.
@Preferring to tough materials and materials easily to be crushed.
@According to GMP, with simple structures, and easily to be dismantled and washed.

Widely used for medicine, Chinese medicine, chemical engineering, food, health supplies,batteries and other materials industries

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