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Jet mill
time:2013-04-09 12:31

Operating Principle:
Jet mill, with cyclone separator and radial fan, consists of a crushing system. Compressed air after being dried is injected into crushing cavity quickly by the injection of valves. At connection points of many high-pressure air currents, feed materials are collided, rubbed and sheared repeatedly to powders. The crushed materials go into classifying cavity with uprising air flow, under the condition of lashing forces of radial fan. Under strong centrifugal forces of high-speed rotating turbo wheels, coarse and fine materials are separated. Fine materials in line with size requirements go into cyclone separator or dedusting filter through classifying wheels, while coarse materials fall down to crushing cavity to be crushed continuously.

Performances and Features  
●Suitable for materials with Mush’ hardness<9, especially, super-hard, super-pure and high extra-value materials. 
●Vertical classifying installation. Particle size: D97:8-150um, adjustable, good shape and narrow size distribution. 
●Low temperature, no medium rushing, especially for heat-sensitive, low-melting point, sugar-containing and volatilized materials.
●Feed materials impact by themselves, different from others which use hammer and razor blades.Wear-resistance and high pure.
●To connect multi-grades classifiers to produce different size distributions.
●Easily to be dismantled, smooth inside wall and no dead angle.
●Crushing in tight-air, no dusts, low noise and no pollution.
●Programmable control system and simple operation.
MQL series airstream used technical parameters

MQW series airstream used performance characteristics
●Moh's hardness suited to the nine various materials dry law smash, particularly suited to high hardness, high purity and high value-added materials smash
●Containing horizontal classification devices culmination female accurate communications between products granularity D97:2-150 micrometers, Reap is good, narrow size distribution
●Cryogenic-medium smash, particularly suited to heat-sensitive, low melting point,sugar-containing copies of the smash and volatile materials
●Crush the process is largely dependent on their own materials to complete collisions between distinct from mechanical crush on razor blades or dead, the impact of materials smash, and resistance to wear and tear of equipment, high-purity products
●Equipment meant for cleansing, scrub sleek without end
●Whole system confined to smash, less dust, low noise, environmental clean production processes
●Control system using programmed control, operate

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