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Ball Mill Classifying Production Line
time:2013-04-09 12:22

Feature of Ball Mill:
Be different from traditional ball mill for cement and minerals, and be up to Germany standard of ultrafine mineral processing.
Optimized length-to-diameter factor of ball mill in order to avoid over-grinding and achieve the best result.
Optimized porosity design of grid plate to improve grinding fineness by using less grinding medium.
Grid plate at the end of the ball mill discharges powder fluently, no dilating and no necessary to cool the tube.
Opimized lining board and size and material of grinding medium, made in accordance with Germany standard to decrease the rate of damage and improve grinding efficiency.
Production lines for hard minerals are designed without iron polution, lining board and grinding medium are made of Al2O3 ceramics, quartz, SILEX or other special materials.
Grinding medium chosen according to customers’ product, high filling rate and efficiency.
To add grinding aid when grinding untrafine powder so as to improve grinding effect.
Perfect match between drive station and energy consumption for. the fullest extent of energy saving possible. Forming a closed system with classifier, transporting by negative pressure, without dust pollution.

Feature of Ball Mill Classifying Production Line
● Process design is developped from IVA Germany, and is up to international standerd
of nonmetallic mineral processing.
● The process flow mainly includes crushing (two stages in general), grinding, classifying, packing, silo, conveying, and lifting etc. Classifiers after ball mill can operate parrelly and also can in series to produce several products with different fineness. Ball mill and classifiers form a closed system.
● Ball mill is designed in accordence with hardness, grindability, product fineness and production capacity.
● The type of classifier is chosen in accordance with fineness of product. FW classifier is suitable for the classification of powder D97: 2-20um. FL classifier is suitable for powder D97: 8-45um. Every classifier has wide adjusting scope of product fineness.
● When producing several kinds of products with one set of production line, we can arrange several classifiers to work in series. By optimizing the combination of classifiers that produce fine and coarse products, we make sure the least energy consumption, easy adjustment of particle size distribution and no overgrinding.
● We can design different workshop construction and layout of plant in accordance with customers’ investment, and supply project with best cost performance, for example, for the powder production of below 20,000 tons per year, we choose one-storey plant, screw conveying and manual package. For the production above 20000 ton per year, we choose multistory plant, pneumatic transmission, automatic package and palletizing system
● On environment protection, we adopt special design and reduce noise to the fullest content by vibration damper and flexiable connection, and minimize the dust discharge by high-quality filtering materials.
● We use program control in the electric cabinet to control the whole production line from feeding, grinding and classifying to product packaging.
● We can supply additional service, for example, minerals separating, powder coating, pelleting and improvement of the old production lines etc, to maximize customers' profit by doing further processing for the materials.
Application Scope
CaCO3 (calcite, marble, limestone,chalk),quarze, ziron felspar, brite, kaolin, dolomite,
magnesite, AL2O3, ultrafine cement, scoria, steel scoria etc.
Parts of Prodction Line


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