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Vibration Mill
time:2013-04-09 12:51

Operating Principles:
Under the state of high-frequency vibrations of shocker (or vibration motor) with high
speed, grinding medias (rods, sticks and balls)in grinding cavity launch strongly, rotate
 quickly and revolve with a low speed, making feed materials impacted, rubbed and
sheared strongly, as a result of superfine particles distributed evenly.
Rod Structure Chart

Performances and Features
◎ Suitable for hard and soft materials with Mohs' hardness<7
◎ Compared to ball mill, air-stream mill and impacting mill, it has low investment cost, low energy consumption, simple flow, high efficiency andreasonable price.
◎ Particle size can be changed by adjusting quantities of feed materials, amplitudeof vibration and grinding media' s grades. To form series connection with classifier to get products with narrower size distribution.
◎ Grinding Medias and scale-board are made of high manganese steel, high cadmium steel stainless steel, AL2O3, ZrO2 and quartz materials. Wear resistance and no pollution.
◎ To crush heat- sensitive and low melting point materials by the method of water cooling or strong refrigeration system.
◎ To use single machine to change products' nature and finish its mixture during crushing.
◎ According to materials' nature, to adopt dry mill, wet mill, continuous mill or intermittent mill.
◎ According to GMP, used in dugs, herbal medicine, food, health-care. Or research institutes and Lab.
◎ To adopt air spring or rubber spring instead of hard spring. Long life, good vibration absorbing results and low noises.

Widely used for chemical, minerals, building materials, metallurgy, abrasive, ceramics, fire-proof material, medicines, pesticides, food, health supplies, and new materials

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